Intelligent Men Have healthy Sperm

The scientist believes, a man with a high level of 

Intelligent Men Have healthy Sperm

intelligence that turned out to have a good sperm quality.

Launched by the Telegraph, this finding has indirectly explain the reason why many smart man able to attract the attention of many women even though they do not have an attractive physical appearance.

Even psychologists have suggested that smart men are also having a sense of humor. The reason, both will lead to a desirable quality of healthy sperm by women.

This research has been conducted by Professor Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico involving an estimated 400 men who must first take intelligence tests and submit samples of their sperm.

According to the results of these tests, men with high intelligence value turned out to have enough healthy sperm and fertile. While the men with the lowest values produce less sperm and the quality is not good.

From these findings, Professor Miller believes if the quality of sperm have a fairly close relationship with the quality of the brain. Two things that are capable of producing the best genes.

In addition to intelligence, speaking style, humorous and caring high yanng also things that are very supportive of sperm quality.

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