Seven Tips For Better Sleep

First Healthy food and good living habits

Seven Tips For Better Sleep

A glass of red wine may help you fall asleep more easily. Too much alcohol, however, takes you to a restless sleep, especially in the second half of the night. 

Nicotine adversely affects the quality of sleep and caffeine keeps vigilance.

A plentiful evening meal activates digestion so the body can not relax. 

“Some habits must be changed even before the therapy, such as reducing smoking and intake of coffee,” 

Second Make the changes in the bedroom

- Select peace room

- Ventilate the room well before you go to sleep at night or leave the window open a crack

- Room temperature should not exceed 18 ° C

- Darkened room as much as possible

- Buy a good mattress, such as those with latex

- Use appropriate bedding for each season

Third More Exercise

If running, cycling or swimming for at least half an hour three times a week, you will need more sleep – and your deep sleep phase will increase. 

However, sports activities in the evening too much body and stimulate circulation. However, this does not apply to sexual activity?

4th Slow pace and rest

People who are very successful at work or have a dynamic night life often can not fall asleep. 

Dr. Smith psychiatrist, says that she thinks the dream before the swarm. “It’s hard to miss. And then the body gets signals that are still awake”.

- Make “oasis” before going to bed – relax with a good book, go for a walk the evening with your partner, “clear out” their day.

- If you can not clarify either their thoughts, in the evening write down what worries you or what you think.

- Massage can help to more easily relax and stop thinking that swarming in your head. 

Progressive muscle relaxation, according to Dr. Edmund Jacobson, an appropriate method to relax tense muscles. 

This method can also learn – there are courses in schools of massage.

5th Go to bed at the right time

You can not make up for lost night. More hours of sleep on weekends can not make up the lack of sleep during the week.

- Go to bed and get up at about the same time each day (including weekends). 

Getting up at the usual time helps our biological clock – our internal clock – the ticking properly.

- Do not sleep during the day if you have trouble sleeping. Even short naps during the day can significantly affect sleep at night.

6th Make a ritual of going to sleep

- Hot bath (water temperature between 34 and 38 ° C) to sleep. Oil of lavender relaxing effect.

- Foods such as chocolate chips, banana or warm milk with honey contains a protein L-tryptophan, which prepares the brain for sleep.

7th It is better to get up at night

Igor Pekic, 32-year-old laboratory technician from Novi Sad, almost got used to your long-term problem. 

Easy it is to sleep, but not to sleep peacefully all night. 

After two or three hours later he wakes up, seemingly relaxed. 

At first tumbled on the bed, but eventually realized that it is better to stand up. 

“Walk around the apartment, change a few channels on TV and prisapava me.” These “episodes” are repeated several times during the night.

- Do not tip the to the bed. It is better to get up and go into another room and quietly let the soft, relaxing music.

- If possible, do not watch the clock at night. Thoughts like, “I must sleep now because I have to get up for two hours,” and the only disturbance Displacing you sleep. 

Set the alarm clock so you are typing or illuminated numbers are not disturbed.

- If at night you have to stand up briefly, do not include light! This encourages our internal clock – and I wake up!

These tips help in most cases. However, it takes a little patience. If after a few weeks and you still have trouble sleeping, do not take medication on your own, but see a doctor.

Even people who are addicted to sleeping pills can learn how to cope with their problems without drugs – such as Jasna Djordjevic. 

After years of suffering finally spoke to a specialist doctor who helped her to clearly define the nature and causes of insomnia. 

Dependencies are resolved more easily than she expected.

Some nights are still harder than others, but clearly then know that you only need to remember all the tips and tricks that you learned. 

It relaxes muscle by muscle, imagine a soothing colors and most importantly, no longer burdened by thoughts of the coming day, obligations, and an alarm that is just waiting to ring. 

“Now everything is easier. I’ll be there to take care of everything, all the while I feel rested and healthy, “says Clear.

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