The Ultimate Guide To Oral Cancer cause

Oral cancer cause

The Ultimate Guide To Oral Cancer cause

Cancer is an epidemic of the modern times. People fear it more than other deadly diseases of its nature. 

Unfortunately, cancer can attack any body part and oral structures are not excluded. Oral cancer has been trending as people’s lifestyles have been changing over time. 

What passes through our mouths is not what used to pass in the mouths of our ancestors. 

People have invented so many types of foods with most of them being sugary. The causes of  oral cancer are more of what we know. Check them out hereof.


Tobacco is a substance smoked by many around the world as a drug. 

The smoke has to pass through the mouth before it gets to the lungs where it is absorbed. 

It has been said time and again that there are no benefits of smoking tobacco. For sure, you feel nice once you have that tobacco in your blood but you lose a lot including putting your body at a risk of contracting chronic diseases. 

The worst case comes in when tobacco is chewed instead of being smoked. 

Addiction to tobacco also ensures that it has to be chewed or smoked on daily basis making the situation worse on daily basis.


The alcohol that so many people passes in the oral cavity just like all other foods. 

If alcohol can cause damages to the lungs, it can also affect the oral health. 

Cancer is the extreme case caused by heavy drinking of alcohol. 

The risk of oral cancer is higher when the combination of alcohol and tobacco addiction is involved.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Cancer looks for places to hide. Areas in the mouth that are exposed, will present the best thriving spots for cancer to start. 

If you have wounds in the mouth, those are the areas cancer will target. For that reason, it is important that you go check with your dentist of any persistent wounds that would need correction. 

Do everything you can to ensure that your oral hygiene is at its perfect always.

HPV virus

It’s a virus known to infect the moist linings and the skins. 

These moist skins include those of the vagina, the anus, throat, and mouth. Just by contact with an infected person, you can contract the virus. 

Sexual contact with the infected person can also cause HPV. 

This virus can in rare cases lead to abnormal growth of tissues around the oral linings leading to mouth cancer.

UV Rays

Sun rays can be harmful to the human body when they are taken in in huge doses. 

The lips being the exterior oral structures can experience abnormal growth if they are constantly exposed to UV light of the sun.

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