How to Avoid Liver Damage

Many people who experience severe pain because his heart was broken. 

How to Avoid Liver Damage

Starting from fatty liver (fatty liver), hepatitis, tumors, liver cirrhosis and cancer. 

Know how to care for these important organs to stay healthy.

The human heart has a lot of work like, remove toxins from the body in the form of bile, save energy, regulate blood sugar levels and also as a factor in proes clotting.

But there are many things that can cause liver damage, ranging from toxins in the environment through indiscriminate drug consumption. 

In certain circumstances the damage requires a person performing liver transplants at high cost.

There are some steps that can be done to prevent liver damage and keeping them healthy, namely:

1. Avoiding the consumption of illegal drugs

Illegal drugs consumed may attack the liver and endanger health. In addition, a drug that is injected through an IV also at risk of transmitting hepatitis C causes cirrhosis of the liver.

2. Using the right drug dose

Based on Brigham and Women’s Hospital, several cholesterol drugs and medications containing Tylenol can cause liver damage if consumed too frequently or at higher doses than recommended. For that drug consumption wisely in accordance with the prescription and usage instructions are printed on the label.

3. Limiting alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin that can cause severe liver damage leading to heart failure. 

If liver damage is detected by a physician, preferably fresh aberhenti drinking alcohol, allowing liver cells to repair itself.

4. Avoiding exposure to pollution

Based on the Hepatitis Foundation International, the chemicals in pollutants such as paint thinner, insect sprays and other chemicals can enter the liver. 

In certain amount of this substance can be detoxified, but if there’s too much it will cause liver damage

Therefore always use a mask and gloves as protective when dealing with chemicals and always wash your hands.

5. Eating low fat foods

High fat foods can trigger non-alcoholic liver disease which can cause cirrhosis of the liver. For that limit the consumption of meat and dairy products high in fat, and still consume plant foods, grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

6. Stop smoking

Smoking causes a person must inhale a lot of different toxins that must be detoxified in the liver. But that is too high amount of toxins from cigarette smoke can actually can cause liver damage.

7. Exercise regularly

Doing regular exercise routine can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of developing fatty deposits in the liver.

8. Doing hepatitis vaccine

Currently available vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B. 

If someone get the hepatitis vaccine significantly help reduce the risk of hepatitis that can cause liver damage like cirrhosis.

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