How to Grow Black Hair Naturally

How to Grow Black Hair Naturally.

Are you looking to grow black hair naturally without the use of any hair products? It is a misconception among many that black hair doesn’t grow at the same length as other types of hair. 

All hair grows at ½ inch length every month. Forget the nonsense about popping vitamin pills and instead go for some natural ways that will help in healthy growth of black hair. 

All that is required is your commitment to these practices and giving some loving care to your tresses and the battle is won!

Moisturize Your Hair

As with most hair types, black hair is dry and it needs moisturization very often. Use natural hair care products that can replenish its lost moisture. 

You can use specially formulated or organic shampoos and conditioners for this purpose. By providing this boost of moisture, you help your mane from dryness and breakage and create an ideal atmosphere for growth. 

Most of these products cost a dime so you don’t have to sweat over the cost.

Regular Trimming

Now, this is a must-do. Regular trims help to get rid of dry, damaged hair and split ends. Split ends can even travel their way up the hair shaft, causing tremendous damage. 

Your hairstylist will remove up to ¼ or ½ inch of hair during trimming. You can self trim your hair as well if you are competent enough. 

Regular trimming allows you to deal with hair damage and split ends timely while also making you look fresh. Your hair is also easy to manage with regular trimming.

Healthy Living

You need to take care of your diet since it reflects on your hair quality. Your inside will manifest itself on your outside. A poor-quality diet leads to dry and brittle hair. 

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink lots of water for a fresh looking and lively hair. Exercise regularly so that the blood circulation is even throughout the body including the scalp that keeps your hair firm and healthy. 

Remember that tour hair grows from your body. So if you eat well, they will grow better and faster too.

Avoid Heat

It is nice to blow-dry your hair to save time. But it is a slow killer of your hair. It saps your hair of moisture and leaves it dry and brittle adding to hair fall. 

Minimize your use of heated styling equipment like curlers and dryers. Use a flat or curling iron occasionally or only on special occasions. 

Damaged hair breaks off easily, so any growth will be hardly visible and in fact, you’ll be left with thinning hair. Just like with perming and straightening, repeated and prolonged exposure to heat damages hair largely.

No Chemicals

Chemicals create havoc on your hair. Try to avoid perms since they are really damaging to hair. Discover your natural, real hair texture by completely avoiding the use of any chemicals. 

Gradually, your scalp will purge itself of all toxins. Use conditioners to create an ideal atmosphere for hair growth and soon you will see better and faster growth of your hair. 

The presence of chemicals in hair care products is the main reason for lightening hair color and also for hair breakage and hair damage.

Who wouldn’t want long, flowing hair to flaunt before friends? Stop abusing your hair with constant manipulation. 

Avoid too-tight hairstyles that lead to hair breakage. Pamper your hair with top-quality natural hair products. Be kind and gentle to your black hair and see how fast they grow.

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