Natural Age Spot Removal Home Remedies.

Here are many people who are looking for natural age spot remedies. 

Natural Age Spot Removal Home Remedies.

Generally thought of as being caused by aging, these spots often appear as a result of other causes, as well.

Also called “liver spots” or “sun spots”, they usually seem to appear in the case of people around the age of 55 or above.

While the spots themselves may not be dangerous, those who have them often find the problem to be quite debilitating, because very few remedies are known to cure age spots permanently.

Also, a lot of additional problems can appear, most of them of a psychological nature.

Many people, for instance, end up suffering from anxiety, depression or low self esteem, and find it very difficult to build up enough confidence in order to show themselves in public because of this.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spot removal methods are not always easy to find, first of all since there are many misconceptions regarding what exactly is it that causes them. 

The reason for this is that there are quite a few factors that can influence the appearance of age spots.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

Sometimes, what is normally referred to as “age spots” is actually caused by sun exposure. 

There are two main types of brown spots that are caused by this factor: solar lentigos and freckles. Both appear as a result of the solar rays damaging the cells present in the skin’s surface layer.

This can encourage the production of the melanin pigment that causes the skin to change its color as a defense mechanism, aiming to protect it from the further sun exposure. 

Many age spot removal techniques are, therefore, geared to work around this issue.

Other potential causes for the appearance of brown spots are impaired liver function and various nutritive deficiencies. With the advancement of age, your metabolism may change, and liver functions may be more and more affected by toxins, which leads to increased oxidation, and one of the results is the appearance of brown spots.

There are other cases when various types of brown spots may occur. 

For instance, seborrheic keratosis may appear sometimes in the case of middle aged patients, and its exact cause is largely unknown. 

Fortunately, these are just simple wart-like growths that can usually be frozen off.

Treatments Recommended by Doctors

According to medical specialists, one of the most effective age spot treatment are laser treatments. 

These can work directly to take away brown spots because of the natural tendency of the melanin pigment to absorb light.

While generally being considered as effective, however, these treatments can be quite expensive, and may occasionally come with various side effects. Because of this, people prefer to avoid them, and try out other remedies instead.

Now, if you’ve had this problem for a while, you may have tried out numerous products trying to get rid of your age spots, including skin lotions, creams, supplements or even bleaching gels, some of which may have even been recommended by your dermatologist.

While a number of these products may provide relief to a certain extent, the side effects involving patchy skin and increased pigmentation can become too difficult to cope with, and may actually make your problems worse than they were before.


If you want to avoid having to look for a magical solution, or spend a lot of money trying out various products that may be quite expensive without showing any results, the best way to go about the whole issue is to simply use preventive methods, and eliminate the problem before it even happens.

The best prevention technique is to avoid being exposed to excessive sunlight. 

According to statistics, most of the damage happens while driving, as the glass used for manufacturing car windows can effectively protect us from UVB light, but is completely ineffective when it comes to UVA protection.

Doctors usually advise their patients, therefore, to install UVA-protective film on their windows, especially if they are into the habit of driving long distances. Also, if you want to avoid having to shop for products, you may want to use sunscreen as often as possible.

Natural and Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies you can try out, as well. Some of these may seem strange, but in reality they can be quite effective.

Rubbing garlic juice on your skin with a cotton ball twice a day can work to make your brown spots fade away after about 8 weeks.

Another effective remedy is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Additionally, integrating various natural fruit juices in your diet can also help.

Some natural gels based on Aloe Vera may be really useful. Regardless of the products you use, however, make sure that they are made from exclusively natural ingredients

One of the most useful natural home remedies implies preparing a mixture of one teaspoon of orange juice and two of apple cider vinegar. 

After mixing the solution, apply it to the brown spots.

Vinegar can also be used together with olive oil. Mix the two ingredients, and apply them to the affected areas about an hour before taking a bath.

For further diet advice, experts in nutrition may recommend the consumption of lean protein foods. 

Also, try to eat as many raw fruits as possible in order to provide your body with the optimal supply of vitamins and minerals, and avoid tobacco, caffeine, sweets or alcohol.

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