How To Live Long Healthy Life

Everybody in this world wants to live as long as they can, but many people believe that life and death are not under our control. 

How To Live Long Healthy Life

They are partially right but if you preserve your health then you get better chances to live long. 

We all love our family, surroundings, and beautiful world and we’re always worried about what will happen to them after our eyes get closed and that is the main reason why a person wants to live more. 

Bcoz we love our people, our family, and the beauty of mother nature. I, therefore, explaining below mentioned 6 important tips which will help you to live a long healthy life.

1) Avoid Cigarette And Tobacco

Tobacco and Cigarette are the main cause of Cancer and thus it decreases your life. 

It is believed that a single cigarette can reduce your life by six minutes. So if you’re smoking 10 per day then you’re lowering your life for one hour. 

So the first step is to say no to cigarette and tobacco products.

2) Excercise Regularly

There is a difference between exercising and exercising regularly. 

If you exercise your body at least half an hour a day then you can avoid many health-related problems. With exercises, you’ll empower your muscles, heart, lungs, and joints and they perform well. 

Also, exercise can increase your immune power, and thus you can stay away from many diseases and infections.

3) Sleep At least Eight Hours

Sleep is like the repair and maintenance operation of your body. 

Sleep is very important for healthy living, during sleep the body performs its maintenance and thus growth of new tissues becomes easy for the body. 

Also, there are many other benefits related to sleep and thus scientists had concluded that a person should sleep at least eight hours.

4) Intake Snack At Regular Intervals

Snacking is very important for the body. If you don't snack at regular intervals then your energy levels will fall, the blood sugar level will be decreased and indirectly your immune power becomes low.  

Snacks just don't mean sugary treats or any other unhealthy food, it should consist of healthy natural products. 

If you don't snack properly then you’ll eat more at mealtimes and thus you will then face weight issues.

5) Intake Meal At Appropriate Times

Dinner and Lunch are as important as Snacking. It's just that you need to intake more calories. 

Like snacking your meal should consist of healthy rich foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits. 

If you fail to do so then the above-mentioned conditions apply again.

6) Balanced Diet

As you might be aware that your body needs various minerals, proteins, vitamins, and fat to perform its regular operations, you need to take special care of your diet. 

You need to maintain their ratio’s and if you fail to do so then it may create problems. Every meal should consist of 250-300 gm carbohydrate, 50-60 gm protein, 30-40 gm fat, and at least 1-1.5 litres of water. 

For minerals and vitamins, you should include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal. A balanced diet is always the key to a happy and long-living.

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