Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

There are common reasons for hair loss in women.

Losing one’s hair is traumatic, be it a man or woman; however, there is more of a stigma with women who lose hair because our society has a stigma with this issue because many just can’t accept it. But, women do lose their hair and for several reasons. 

It is important to keep in mind that there are psychological effects that affect some women such as depression, stress, and feeling less confident. There are common reasons for hair loss in women.

One cause of hair loss for women is a drop in estrogen after giving birth. Medications such as birth control pills, high blood pressure pill, pills for arthritis and anti-depressants can cause hair loss. 

Sometimes going through surgery can also bring on hair loss. Some may not know it, but diets can also cause this health concern. 

If there is a lack of nutrition; especially a lack of protein and iron in a woman’s diet, this can have an affect on a woman’s hair.

Stress can also cause hair loss in women. In addition, if a woman has problems with her thyroid, this can also cause hair loss. Heredity is also a factor. 

If you recall that your mother lost her hair later in life, it may or may not happen to you, too. Having an auto immune problem such as having an allergy to wheat, can also cause hair loss. 

Menopause and undergoing chemo therapy are two other causes of hair loss. There are common reasons for hair loss in women.

In addition, older women who have diseased ovaries, also suffer from this health condition. Anemia is another health matter that can cause baldness in women. 

It is important to note that psoriasis and certain skin disorders can also bring on baldness in women. Any kind of physical trauma such as surgery or being ill for a long period of time, can also cause baldness in women. 

There are common reasons for hair loss in women.

Women who wear braids that are too tight, ponytails that are also too tight, can cause hair loss. 

If a women brushes her hair too much or use hair dyes, blow dryers or uses brushes that are too harsh—all of these if used too often, can cause hair loss.

There are things a woman can do when she finds out that she’s losing her hair. Using a conditioner after shampoo can be helpful because it adds strength and volume. 

You can buy regular conditioners that are rinsed out after applying or leave-in conditioners that are massaged into damp hair and left in until you wash your hair the next time. Or, you can try a product like Rogaine. Rogaine has been used by many with good results. Men and women can use it. 

Rogaine adds life to thin hair and helps thin hair to grow thicker. If used twice a day and directions are followed carefully, it can be helpful. There are common reasons for hair loss in women.

Keep in mind that short hair cuts make thinning hair look thicker and fuller. Most importantly, stay away from using curling irons and flat irons. 

They make thin hair look thinner and can dry out hair and cause breaking of one’s hair. 

Even though there are common reasons for hair loss in women, there are things a woman can do to make her hair look fuller and stylish.

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