Home Blood Pressure Monitor And How To Choose One

There are many makes of blood pressure monitors on the market.

Home Blood Pressure Monitor And How To Choose One

The choice is extensive and the question is, how do I know which one to choose?

But perhaps you need first to be clear on why you should even bother getting one in the
first place.

Your blood pressure can rise over time, or even quickly, and you could be none the wiser.

There are almost no signs or symptoms that will tell you that you have hypertension.

You could think you are heart-healthy. You could have a good standard of fitness from exercise. And still suffer from elevated blood pressure.

Hypertension is often called the silent killer, and for good reason.

With no telltale signs, the first time you find out you have high blood pressure may be after a heart attack.

It pays then to have it checked on a regular basis.

But, having to visit your doctor often can not only be costly but also inconvenient. So it makes sense to buy your own blood pressure monitor and check your blood pressure at home.

Having decided to buy one, how do you decide which one to get?

You have a choice of 2 types, the aneroid or the digital.

In the digital version, there are several different models. It depends on where you wish to measure your blood pressure. Finger, wrist, or upper arm.

So, what's the difference between these devices?

The Aneroid Monitor

You read this monitor by looking at a needle pointer on a dial. The cuff is wrapped around your arm above the elbow is inflated by hand pumping a rubber bulb. In other words, it’s a manual cuff.

Generally, this costs less than digital monitors. And the cuff has an inbuilt stethoscope.

Some units are purpose-built to allow fitting with one hand.

They are extremely portable and easily moved from place to place.


This is a complex machine susceptible to damage which can make it less accurate without you being aware of it.

Sometimes the rubber bulb is stiff and hard to pump.

Based as it is on listening through the stethoscope those who have hearing difficulties may find the monitor difficult to use effectively.

The Digital Monitor

This monitor is read by means of a digital screen and the cuffs are inflated either manually or automatically.

Being automatic this device is naturally more popular.

The display is easier to read because the numbers show up on a small screen. Some even have a paper printout.

With the gauge and stethoscope contained in one unit it is easier and simpler to use than the aneroid monitor.

The display screen can also provide details of any errors in using the machine.

Cuff inflation, depending on the make and model involved, can be either manual or automatic. Once done deflation is automatic.

There is no need to listen for the heart sounds, the machine does it for you. This makes it ideal for use by those whose hearing is impaired.


Blood pressure monitors can be expensive depending on which make and model you choose.

Body movement or erratic heartbeat can compromise accuracy. And could also mask heart defects such as arrhythmia.

Some models are specifically designed for use with the patients left arm only, so choose carefully.

So What Do You Need To Look For To Ensure You Get The Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor For The Money You Have To Spend?

Digital or Aneroid?

It’s probably a no-brainer you should be looking for a digital model. But if you decide on the aneroid monitor make sure you can hear the sounds of your heart through it.

The size of the cuff is important. Make sure it fits your arm. If it doesn’t your results will not be accurate.

Ensure you can read the display.

Cost. Price can be a pretty good guide to quality. But it does not follow that the best machine is the most expensive machine. And neither does it pay to assume low or cheap prices mean you found a bargain.

Shop around. Investigate. Find reviews about the different products online.

Check prices, make sure you get value for money. Among the highest-rated makes are Omron and Lifesource.

The important thing is to get the best home blood pressure monitor you can afford.

And use it!

Take responsibility for your own home health care.

Your health is important, look after it.

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