The early signs of breast cancer: the best article for you

The early signs of breast cancer: the best article for you

The early signs of breast cancer are the most important elements to detect early to increase the survival chances of the victims. By early detection of the signs, early and proper treatment can be done. 
Learning how to detect them may help us in improving our life quality. We should do regular and routine self-exams on our breasts to find any abnormalities like lumps, bruising or pitted skin. Your chances to survive will be greater if you act sooner as you find the signs!

How do you feel when you have breast cancer               

when you have breast cancer you feel Itching

Itching is one of the early signs of breast cancer. Especially when it comes with discharges from one of your nipple or both of them. Your nipples may become flatten or inverted, discolored to pink or red. So, get to your doctor if your experience these.

when you have breast cancer you feel Swelling on breast

If you experience swelling when you are not on menstruation, or if you feel lumps all of a sudden, then it may be the early signs of breast cancer. Consult with your doctor immediately though that the doctor may be misdiagnosing these signs as any other signs of any other medical problems and give you treatment with antibiotics. 
As a matter of fact, treating these signs with antibiotics may waste your precious time. So, the suggestion is that you do always get second opinion!


The early signs of breast cancer: the best article for you

Bruising on your breast is also one of the early signs of breast cancer. It may be color changes without disappearing. Get to your doctor right away if you experience these as well.


As one of the early signs of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer is aggressive, it spreads really quick to your nearby tissue and your lymph nodes. There are fluid, therefore your breasts become swelling, in which it causes tenderness, discoloring, and redness.
There has been some statements saying that inflammatory has 1 to 6% of all breast cancer in the USA. And the survival rates are considered lower compared to other advanced breast cancer.


Such effects like thickening skin under your arms, ridges or dimpling skin are also the early signs of breast cancer. Your breast skin will look like an orange skin. Unusual warmth may be felt on your breast. These are the classic signs.


Regular and routine monthly self-exams are really suggested for you to detect the signs as early as possible. You should do the exams by lying down on a mat or on the bed. You should lie flat, and then put your arms behind the head like you were doing tanning on a beach. Use your left hands’ forefinger and your index finger to examine your right-side breast by doing small circular motions. Examine every little part of your breast and your underarm before you do repeat the process on your left-side breast. 
Go to your doctor right away if you feel any abnormality or if your feel any of the mentioned early signs of breast cancer.

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