How to Get Rid of Blood Clot Naturally

Learn how to get rid of blood clot naturally without breaking your bank.

How to Get Rid of Blood Clot Naturally

By definition, a blood clot is a glutinous or jellylike accumulation of blood. The formation of blood clots can be attributed to the unfitting flow of your blood. If the blood clots merge with your blood vessels, it can cause the platelets to stick together.

There are two conditions that can cause blood clots due to the slow movement of blood, namely, deep vein thrombosis (DVT and atrial fibrillation. There are a number of risks of blood clotting such as pregnancy, smoking, oral contraceptives, hereditary, obesity, aging and much more.

Early symptoms of blood clots

A. Legs and Foot

Abrupt and Gradual Pain
• Warmness
• Swelling
• Soreness

B. Lungs

Coughing of blood
• Throbbing of the chest
• Pace of the heart is rapid
• Heavy Breathing

C. Abdomen

•Severe pain in the abdomen

D. Brain

Difficulty in vision
•Abrupt headaches
•Difficulty in speaking

How blood test for Blood Clot is Done?

The tests that will be applied to you depend on how prone you are to blood clotting. Here are a few tests that your doctor may suggest:

A. Blood test

This is the very common way since most people suffering from severe DVT has a high level of D-dimer.

B. Ultrasound

Like any other form of tests, ultrasound can be used to test for you have blood clotting. This can be done by placing a transducer over an area of your body and detects blood clots. Technically, the sound waves propagate through your body tissues and once it reflected back, an image of the blood clot may be visible on a video screen.

C. CT or MRI scans

For some scenarios, a blood clot can be found using these tests upon performing a different check up on your body since these scans are providing a clear presentation of your veins.

Foods That Cause Blood Clots

There are a plenty of foods that can cause blood clots mainly but foods rich in potassium. Here are a few of them.


Foods That Help Prevent Blood Clots

•Olive oil
•Sunflower seeds

Herbs and Spices for Blood Clots

•Curry powder
•Cinnamon powder
•Cayenne Powder

Natural Treatment of Blood Clots

A. Keep your muscles active

If you are not moving, the chances of getting blood clot are very high. That is why it is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle by stretching and exercising.

B. Change your lifestyle

If you are a habitual smoker, try to quit smoking to reduce the risk of getting clotting problems. Also, try to lose weight since obesity can increase the risk of blood clot.

C. Say goodbye to all day sitting

Walk around. For some reasons, you may be lying in bed to rest and rest. However, you should try to get up as soon as possible and start moving. Aside from that, if you are on a long distance travels, set a time to time pit stops and stretch your muscles.

D. Exercise

There is no harm you can get by exercising. It will provide you a lot of benefits not only the prevention of blood clots.

Indeed, a blood clot can be a major problem once it was not handled properly. So, consult your doctor and start your daily prevention of blood clots.

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