5 Surprising Benefits Of Walking

You can find some of the benefits of walking that may surprise you:

5 Surprising Benefits Of Walking

Walking is a simple activity that has become a natural life. Of course, you already know that any form of physical activity, including walking, is beneficial for health in general.

1. The fights genes that promote weight gain: Harvard researchers studied 32 types of genes that promote weight gain, to 12,000 individual to determine how big their contribution to body weight. 

They found that those individuals who do brisk walking for at least 1 hour a day, the effect of these genes was smaller by half.

2. The decrease feelings of hunger, a number of studies from the University of Exeter found that walking for 15 minutes can erase the need to eat chocolate and can also reduce the amount of which eat chocolate during stressful situations. 

A new study confirms that the benefits of walking also reduces the feeling of hunger for almost all products with sweet flavors.

3. Cut your risk of being affected by breast cancer, researchers have already proved that any form of physical activity has positive effects against breast cancer. 

American Cancer Society in research that focused mainly on the effect of moving against breast cancer proves that women who walked 7 or more hours a week had 14% fewer chances of being affected by breast cancer than those which went 3 hours or less per week. 

The same study also argues that this protection applies to women potentially at risk of breast cancer as obese women and those who use hormonal supplements.

4. Facilitate the pain of joints, some studies have found that walking reduces pain caused by arthritis and walk of approximately 10 km per week prevents the formation of arthritis in particular. 

Walking protects joints – particularly the knees and hips, the more vulnerable parts of arthritis – are lubricated (anointed) them and strengthen the muscles that surround these parts.

5. Improves the immune system, walking can help prevent seasonal flu. A study of more than 1000 participants of both sexes found that those who walk 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, totally had 43% fewer days of a sick from the flu than those who do physical activity 1 or less once a week. 

Moreover, even if you appear flu had milder symptoms and healed faster.

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